Agreement between FC Andorra and Club Gimnàstic de Manresa

FC Andorra and Club Gimnàstic de Manresa have reached a collaboration agreement.

By the signing of this agreement, both clubs want to generate a framework of global cooperation, which allows FC Andorra to continue developing the grassroots football project that has given so much success to the Club Gimnàstic de Manresa.

A key part of the FC Andorra project is the search for talented players who can succeed in the tricolor club, and Club Gimnàstic de Manresa is one of the reference clubs in the development of young football .

The General Manager of FC Andorra, Jaume Nogués, said about the agreement: “I think this agreement is a very important step for FC Andorra. Nàstic de Manresa has very good grassroots football teams, there are talented players who, if they work well, can go far and we believe that from the Club we can contribute our experience to achieve this. With an increasingly saturated football market, the commitment to young players is the key to success for the future of FC Andorra “.